Kargo - Episode 1 - Kaba


Upon seeing Hannah’s room filled with people and drugs, Lola Tere, a taxi driver, wanted to kick Hannah out the house and send her back to her father, to which Hannah responds by running away. Five months later, Tere is still searching for the missing Hannah, terrified of the current dangers of the street. Tere decides to follow her only lead – Hannah’s friend Reyven whom she chases into a shady hideout of a dangerous Paslang Gang. After getting traumatized by the sinister world of crime, she bumps into a terrified Hannah who asks for her help with an ex-girlfriend she killed.

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Convicted of a decade old crime of transporting drug money to an ex-girlfriend, normally law-abiding Piper Chapman is sentenced to a year and a half behind bars to face the reality of how life-changing prison can really be.